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The Ormož Wine Route – VTC 14:

The viticultural area alongside the Ormož Wine Route spreads out into two branches; extending for 30km, the first one starts in Ormož, or more precisely in Dobrava, and leads over Kog and Strežetine to Runeč. It then goes through Žvab toward Pršetinci passing through Koračiški vrh, Senik, Sodinski Vrh and Drakšl and Velika Nedelja. The second branch, approximately 10km long, extends from Podgorci to Cvetkovski Vrh and over the Bresnica valley to Zamušanski Vrh. The Ormož Wine Route allows for access to the Jeruzalem Wine Route.

The former exhibits extraordinary natural beauty and a rich ethnologic and historic culture. The hillsides of Ormoške gorice are home to vintage wines such as ‘laški rizling’ (Welschriesling), ‘šipon’ (Furmint), sauvignon, ‘traminec’ (Traminer), ‘beli pinot’ (Pinot blanc), chardonnay and ‘renski rizling’ (Rhine Riesling). One can also find a number of traditional wine cellars; typically wooden, straw-covered, with their origins dating back to the 18th and 19th century. The locals denominate such wine cellars ‘klečaje’ (‘klečaja’ in singular).

The Jeruzalem Wine Route – VTC 15:

Starting in Ormož, the Jeruzalem Wine Route leads to Ivanjkovci and then through Svetinje and Jeruzalem, towards Miklavž pri Ormožu and Kog and back towards Miklavž and Ormož.

The Jeruzalem Mansion is open for everyone that appreciates the harmony of carefully selected dishes and great wines. It is surrounded with an arboretum of exotic trees.

The Wine Route leads past the Malek Vineyard Cottage, located between Svetinje and Jeruzalem. Its vaulted cellar holds a small museum of viticulture and a large wine press. It also has a house chapel with frescoes dating back to the 17th century. The building, more than 300 years old, was once used by its former owners as a dwelling whereas the outbuilding served the different stages of grape processing and wine cultivation. It is now a tourist hotspot, opening its door to groups and individuals (prior reservation is necessary).

In addition to the Malek Vineyard Cottage there are a number of other vineyard cottages, wine shops, taverns and tourist farms located in the area. They offer excellent wine and diverse culinary delights. The Wine Route itself is suitable for biking, horseback riding, carriage rides and for long walks on well-marked trails leading through the vineyards.